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The NAFF 2022 workshops will be held be announced...

2023  TBA

12 noon - 2:00p.mStorytellers and Liars 

See more about this session at this link

2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Unexplained phenomena of Northern Appalachia    by Amanda Poole

From mythical beasts to hauntings and magic, people encounter and tell stories about unexplained phenomena across cultures. In the Northern Appalachian region, these stories are cultural treasures, passed on between people.  They shape people's relationship to place and become important sites of resistance and resilience.  We invite you to explore the rich lore in and around Indiana County, explore the meaning of these stories in our region, and share some ghost stories of your own. 


3:30- 5:00 p.m  - Dressmaking: Civil War Fashions and Sewing Machines in 1860’s by Jan Lauer






The presentation will describe dress making and fashions during the civil war including highlighting Elizabeth Keckly, the most famous dressmaker during the civil war and her rise from slavery to the White House.   Dressmaking with the use of the sewing machine made the occupation more productive. The presentation will discuss the more famous sewing machine companies and their histories during the Civil War.   Original documentation and original time period sewing machines will be displayed.

 Jan has been a Civil War reenactor for 23 years and portrays a dressmaker in her endeavor.  Her goal in her portrayal is to educate the public on several facets of life during the civil war which are not normally found in school text books.  She is a member of the 150th PA Bucktails and attends many re-enactments and living histories throughout the year traveling throughout Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Kentucky.  She has occupied the Dressmaker Shop at Genesee Country Village and Museum in Mumford, NY for the past 4 years, the Stone House at Hale Farm in Bath, OH, the Tailor shop at Ohio Village and occupied the music shop at Old Bedford Village in Bedford, and most recently a lecture at Drake Well and Museum in Titusville, PA just to name a few.


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