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10 Reasons to Attend NAFF 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

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In a little over two weeks, the 2019 Northern Appalachian Folk Festival, Inc. will be taking place over three days in Indiana, Pa. The festival's goal is to educate and entertain the attendees to fuel an appreciation for our area in Northern Appalachia. Here are just a few reasons why you should attend this year's festivities.

1. Eating delicious festival food

Part of the authentic festival experience is indulging in all the greasy, yet delicious foods. We'll be offering homemade ice cream, funnel cakes, kettle corn, monkey bread, pizza, hot dogs, and beers from different breweries. The best part of all this food is that it's local, so you're supporting businesses in your area!

PC: Sparks Ignite Photography

2. Watching live performances by local and regional musicians

We've got a lineup of unique artists that have different sounds and feels. These musicians like to give their audience a fun and unforgettable experience.

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3. Having a fun night with your community

There's nothing better than spending the night with members of your community, whether they're old friends or someone new you've never met before.

PC: Jim Harris

4. Celebrating Northern Appalachia

It's important to have pride in your area--and we certainly do. We want people to appreciate all the beauty and history that comes with living in this area. Not to mention, this event is also family-friendly, featuring a Children's Alley all day from 12-5 p.m.!

PC: Jim Harris

5. Learning about our rich history

Speaking of Northern Appalachia's history, we want to educate you on that as well. The day before the festivities, we'll be showing a documentary about the closing of the Robertshaw Control Factories and how it affected 1,200 workers.

PC: Jim Harris

6. Getting inspired by the accomplishments of those in the area

Every year, part of the NAFF Inc. Festival is honoring the accomplishments of people in the region through the Walk of Fame. The different categories are things like education, the environment, human rights, the arts and sports. The nominees have their names etched into bricks that are placed onto the sidewalks to memorialize their accomplishments forever. This year's nominees are Nellie Bly, John Brophy, Hellbenders, Jim Rogers, and IUP's Women's Basketball team. Read more about the current and past inductees here.

7. The chance to win money by participating in the Storytelling/Liars Contest

We'll be having our third Storytelling/Liars Contest on Saturday, Sept. 7, at 2:00 p.m. Contests like these ones have been increasing in popularity, and sometimes the winners gain lots of fame in the storytelling community. The contest is for anyone who has a story, folktale or lie to share. Each contest is judged on their presentation, execution, originality and more criteria by a panel of judges. The first-place winner will be awarded $100, the second $75 and third $50.

8. A beer garden

Our festival will once again feature a beer garden for those who like to enjoy an adult beverage during music festivals. For the craft beer lovers, our local friends from Levity and Noblestein will have some of their favorites for you, and for the Pittsburgh fans, we can't forget one of our beloved sponsors from Iron City Beer, which will be featured in the local bars! The beer garden will be on the south side of 500 block of Philadelphia Street, the main street where the festival is taking place.

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9. Local eats and shopping on Main Street

Our festival is directly downtown, so if you're coming during the day, you can also stop in to the local shops and grab a bite to eat at a restaurant when you're done. Whether or craving Italian or a pub burger, there are plenty of great places to eat along Philadelphia Street. Best part of all? If you get there early enough, you can even enjoy outdoor seating for the festival at some of these establishments such as our friends at Spaghetti Benders, who have a perfect view for the show.

PC: Jim Harris

10. Seeing the Clarks live

The Clarks, who started off at IUP, have been considered one of the hottest rock bands in the Pittsburgh region. They're back by popular demand as the main headliners of the festival. You can see them live on Saturday, Sept. 7, starting at 8:30 p.m.

PC: The Clarks

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