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The Jim Rogers & Ken Holliday Folk School of the Arts and Humanities To Soft Launch This Spring

NAFF, Inc. is proud to announce the foundation of The Jim Rogers & Ken Holliday Folk School of the Arts and Humanities.

A folk school is a non-formal adult education institution. Founded on the principles of holistic learning, community engagement, and personal development, these residential schools offer a curriculum focused on cultural enrichment, practical skills, and societal understanding. Unlike traditional academic bodies, folk schools prioritize lifelong learning and often emphasize democratic and participatory educational methods, fostering a sense of community and responsibility among their diverse adult students. You can learn more about folk schools here.

The NAFF Folk School will serve our community as an institution for music, dance, the arts and other forms of vernacular cultural expression. This will be the first establishment of its kind in the area with courses offered throughout the year at the NAFF Center.

We'll kick things off on March 16th with a demonstration of Appalachian percussive dance by the Wild Laurel Cloggers of Clarion, PA.

A subset of the Folk School, the Chris Catalfamo Lecture Series on Ideas and Issues will present seminars on topics pertinent to residents of the Northern Appalachian Region. Local author Michael Klimkos will give the first of these lectures on the topic of how wild fires have shaped the forests of Pennsylvania. That event will take place on April 27th.

See our Calendar page for more details and to RSVP.

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