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About the Festival

Our Mission

The Northern Appalachian Regional Folk Festival is dedicated to preserving the past, promoting the present and securing the future of regional music, art, folkways, foodways and other related forms of cultural expression through education, presentation and participation.


The Festival will contribute to improving the region’s “quality of life,” enrich the cultural environment, create jobs and stimulate the economy and strengthen relationships with local communities and the general public.


Jim Dougherty, PhD


Celebrating Northern Appalachia

The Northern Appalachian Folk Festival, Inc. takes place on the second weekend of September each year on the main street in Indiana, PA. From culture to history to entertainment, our goal is to create a new appreciation for our region for those in attendance.

About Us

Director/President - Jim Doughtery
Vice President - Judy Holliday
Secretary - Tressa Yeamans

Treasurer - Tony Deloreto
Committee Members
Cindy Rogers
Monica DeLoreto 
Ashley Wolfe
Jim Watta

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