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Small Town...Big Festival


Each year on the second weekend of September, the main street of a small town in Western Pennsylvania springs to life in celebration of the art, history, and culture of an oft-overlooked region.

For two days, vendors bursting with local flavors, artisan crafts, and more line the streets while many brick-and-mortar storefronts play host to workshops that educate and enrich, with subjects ranging from the area's involvement in the Underground Railroad to how to build a rainwater capture system to identifying and foraging wild mushrooms.

And then, of course, there's the music.

Country, bluegrass, African drums, rock n' roll, Americana, jazz, and blues - the acts that perform at NAFF represent the breadth of the diversity and talent of the Northern Appalachian region.

Other highlights of the weekend include a Children's Alley, the Storytellers and Liars contest, a charitable 5k marathon, and the Northern Appalachian Folk Festival

Walk of Fame Ceremony.

The Walk of Fame

In 2017, NAFF, Inc. laid the first bricks in its Walk of Fame, which recognizes the contributions made by Northern Appalachians in the areas of education, environmentalism, human rights, the arts, sports, and beyond. 

Such figures as August Wilson, Rachel Carson, Andy Warhol, Jim Nance, and Mother Jones have been honored alongside local and lesser-known heroes like Hiram Holliday, Chief Cornplanter, and the Granny Women of Appalachia. 

See a complete list of inductees here

See You Next Year!

'Til then, check out what else NAFF is up to

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