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Storytelling/Liars Competition

When and Where:

The Storyteller & Liars contest will also begin at noon at the Indiana Theater. EVERYONE has a good story to tell. Please email Beth Ann Krug at to sign up early. 

Have a life experience you have been longing to tell someone about? Here is your chance at the NAFF storytelling competition. Funny, sad, scary or just a unique life experience, the topic does not matter. You can even embellish the story if you like. You will be speaking in front of an audience of similar storytellers and festival goers. There will a panel of judges to evaluate the stories on structure and delivery. Cash prizes will be rewarded to the top three presentations.

Here are the rules:

Story length 10 minutes or less

No notes or direct reading

No Profanity this is a family event.

No props

Limited to one person presenting

Walk on's will be accepted as time allows 

1st prize - $100

2nd prize - $75

3rd prize $50











Thanks to all who participated!!!!

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