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Pittsburgh Rockers THE COMMONHEART to Headline 2024 Folk Festival

The 2024 Northern Appalachian Folk Festival has at last found its main attraction: Pittsburgh-based rock outfit THE COMMONHEART.

THE COMMONHEART - a nine-piece that blends R&B, soul, and roots rock n' roll to produce their electrifying sound - is fronted by magnetic lead singer, Clinton Clegg, who bounds across the stage like a wrecking ball of music. But their music is anything but destructive. Instead, THE COMMONHEART uses the raw power of their performances to drive home that classic message which transcends any one religion or philosophy: The Golden Rule.

According to the band's bio, Clegg experienced a revelation one night while performing their hit song "Do Right" from the album Pressure.  

“Seeing the audience’s reaction to the positivity in that song made me feel like I was giving them something they may need...You know blues music is sad as hell, but it makes you feel good. I thought maybe my bad stories could make people feel good, and I could bring a little bit of love to the show.” 

THE COMMONHEART will be bringing that love to Indiana, PA on Saturday September 7th, 2024 to headline the 11th Annual Northern Appalachian Folk Festival.

It won't be the first time the band has played the Indiana circuit, though. Some of their earliest gigs were sweated out at the (now, sadly, defunct) Brown Hotel. Says NAFF, Inc. Vice President and Festival Head, Judy Holliday, "We're looking forward to having THE COMMONHEART come back home."

Follow THE COMMONHEART on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, and Facebook and check back here for more updates.

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